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HRDC's litigation project focuses on bringing cases that will have lasting effects on the lives of prisoners.  HRDC's attorneys bring First Amendment cases against prison and jail officials who use illegal mail policies to censor Prison Legal News or other literature mailed to prisoners by Prison Legal News such as PLN's books and letters. 

In addition, HRDC attorneys litigate public records cases (including cases under the Federal Freedom of Information Act) when PLN's public records requests are not fulfilled by those responsible for complying with the law.  Attorneys with HRDC's litigation project also bring cases involving individual prisoners who suffer death or serious injury as a result of unconstitutional prison or jail policies.  

Other cases that are consistent with the mission of the organization and have a potential to impact society on a large scale are also considered by HRDC's attorneys on a case by case basis.  Examples include whistleblower claims and investigations of institutional financial fraud, among others.  Finally, HRDC also files amicus curiae briefs in other important cases that have a potential to affect prisoners, their families and the rest of society.

See the map below for states where HRDC has been involved in litigation; click on a state to view pleadings filed in that jurisdiction.