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HRDC lawsuit filed on behalf of estate of prisoner who died in Nashville, TN jail

Tennessean, Jan. 1, 2010.
HRDC lawsuit filed on behalf of estate of prisoner who died in Nashville, TN jail - Tennessean 2010

Lawsuit: Davidson jail responsible for inmate's death

Lack of medical care is blamed

By Chris Echegaray • THE TENNESSEAN • May 23, 2010

A 52-year-old Davidson County inmate who suffered from inflammation in his stomach and an untreated ulcer died last year from lack of medical care, claims a federal lawsuit filed Friday.

With a bloated stomach, Roy Glenn Hall Jr. was feeling ill while he sat in jail on May 24.

Hall was found unresponsive on the floor of his cell at the Criminal Justice Center on Second Avenue. He was not treated while he was in Davidson County Sheriff's Office custody, even though medical staff
was aware of his illness, the lawsuit states.

Lawyers for Hall's estate are suing Metro, Davidson County, the Sheriff's Office, Correct Care Solutions, which has the contract for medical care, the sheriff's officers involved and the nurses individually.

The sheriff's office declined to comment. Efforts to reach representatives of Correct Care Solutions were unsuccessful.

Records show the sheriff's office conducted its own investigation and disciplined an officer for ignoring security precautions. That report also shows that Hall, who also had diabetes and hepatitis, complained of pain and was taken to medical staff, which sent him to his cell.

Hall had been arrested on May 19 on misdemeanor warrants and was screened by medical staff, who were made aware that he was a diabetic who had liver disease and hepatitis, according to the lawsuit.
Six days later, Hall was found shaking, gasping for air, saying he was going to die. He wasn't given medical treatment. He died hours later, the lawsuit states.

Video image described

Lawyer David Randolph Smith has also notified the parties of his intent to file a medical malpractice suit against the state.

He said the case highlights the conditions in jail.

Smith represented two inmates who died in Metro jail. Estelle Richardson was found dead in 2004 after a confrontation with guards and Terry Battle died of pneumonia.

Hall's estate is also represented by the Human Rights Defense Center, the parent company of Prison Legal News, a magazine that advocates for inmates' rights. Alex Friedmann, associate editor of the publication, conducted his own investigation into Hall's death. Video shows Hall's bloated stomach, Friedmann said.

"His stomach was obviously grossly distended," Friedmann said. "I've watched the video, and he looked nine months pregnant.

"They had a dead man who had a treatable condition. Correct Care Solutions, the sheriff's office has a responsibility to keep him safe and secure."

An autopsy report shows Hall had three quarts of liquid drained from his body after death.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.